The PLC Wealth Story

PLC exists to serve our clients in the areas of their greatest needs. Our goal for our clients is that they will have more peace of mind around their finances because of our advice and financial life planning process. A well thought-out plan that is based on your personal values and built around your specific goals should move the needle toward this end.

We can help show whether you are on track to achieve your goals, what risks lie in the way of those goals, and identify what needs to change to redirect to the most efficient path to your financial finish line.

Also, thanks to our years of working closely with the CPA firm now known as Norton, Collar, Lund, Lilley, PLLC, we integrate tax planning in most conversations.

However, focusing on just the money, taxes, etc., can be shallow and unfulfilling. We also integrate generosity into the conversations changing the focus from being introspective to extrospective.

We believe that the only true antidote to today’s materialism and discontent is generosity; that is, a generosity that goes beyond giving to whatever immediate needs finds you, and dives deep into matching your money with your heartfelt concerns about others. Moreover, we will help identify your financial finish line so that when you cross it, you know that anything beyond the line can be utilized generously without impacting your own progress toward your goals.

PLC Wealth was organized to effectively guide clients through the tax and financial planning process. Our goal is to provide excellent advice through empathy and listening that best serves our tax-focused financial planning clients.

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