At PLC Wealth, our services are centered around a core set of financial planning values:

  • Financial planning, at its heart, is about stewardship of the resources we have been given and blessed to manage.
  • Your values should inform your financial decisions.
  • Accumulating wealth simply for the sake of having more money is unfulfilling. Our goal is to help you turn your life of success into a life of significance.
  • A deep integration with tax planning on a year-to-year basis ensures coordination and efficiency across all parts of a financial plan.
  • Financial planning is a goals-based activity. We want to help you accomplish your life goals rather than simply achieve certain investment results.
  • A total-return approach should be indifferent to whether cash flow comes from capital appreciation, dividends, income or other sources.
  • Planning exercises should be based on realistic assumptions and an acknowledgement that future returns from capital markets may be modest by historical standards.
  • Portfolios should be regularly maintained for tax efficiency and optimal asset location whenever appropriate.
  • Cost is a large determining factor of future expected performance, so we look to minimize investment cost as much as possible.
  • There is no benefit to market timing.
  • Factor-based investing based on the research of Fama and French is the way to go, including overweighting portfolios toward value securities.
  • Maintain an agnostic position in the active-passive debate and a willingness to use either approach for asset classes or sub-classes.
  • Asset allocation, not investment selection, is the single most important determinant of investment performance and overall volatility.
  • A written investment policy statement should be used for all investors.

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